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Wednesday, August 2

Upside Down (Jack Johnson)

Isn't it funny that traditional treatments and remedies are touted as 'alternative,' while the more modern ones are considered 'conventional?'  Maybe it's just me.  Either way, here are a few remedies that your family physician isn't going to's just not in the general medical school curriculum.  

They seem counterintuitive, and you'll probably make a funny face at them, but give them time to work...
  • Use apple cider vinegar - or pickle juice - to treat chronic heartburn and acid reflux.
    • You're probably saying "wha???" but hear me out.  The reason that you're having belly issues is because your stomach isn't making enough acid, so it's working really really hard to digest your food.  By dumping bases (Tums, or other white powdery meds) in there, you're just turning off what little acid you did have, thus perpetuating the problem.  (And no major pharma would ever want to create a med that perpetuated the problem and kept you on their meds forever.......right?)  
    • It's not going to be pleasant at first - even for up to a week or so - but you will train your stomach to create it's own acid and ease that belly pain.  As a bonus, you'll be digesting food easier, giving your body more nutrients and leading to better overall health!  
    • Learn more about the many uses of apple cider vinegar at this post.
  • Don't wash your oily hair.
    • Oh're going to look pretty slummy for a week or so as this one plays out, but here's why.  The more you wash the natural oils out of your hair, the more it's going to produce to try and maintain balance.  Your scalp requires a certain amount of oil for hair follicle and scalp health.  If you keep washing it off, it's going to keep making more and more and more.  
    • The first week of doing this (try washing twice a week), you're going to look like a greasepot as your scalp suddenly realizes "hey, I don't have to work so hard to make more oil!"  It will eventually get the message and adjust to however often you want to wash (within reason...once a week at the very least, please!).  For that first week, though, may I suggest a toboggan?  
    • See how to make your own homemade shampoo here.
  • Eat (or drink) bacteria to fight off disease and illness.
    • This one is starting to make a trendy comeback, so you've probably seen or heard something about it recently.  Kombucha, kefir, kimchi...these are just some of the fermented foods that are showing up in grocery stores across the nation.  Our bodies are full of bacteria - it's just how we're made.  But some bacteria is good for us, and some bacteria is bad for us.  
    • The trick is to keep them in balance, or to get the good bacteria to outnumber the bad.  That way, when you are exposed to a virus, illness, or outside bacteria, you've already got an army of 'good bacteria warriors' on hand and ready to fight them off!  
    • Find out how to make homemade (and much cheaper!) kombucha and homemade kefir.
  • Oil your face to combat acne.
    • Go back and re-read number two - regarding your hair.  Your face is a similar battleground, only it's a little harder to walk around with a toboggan on your face for a week.  (You can try...and please...let me know how that goes for you!)  
    • All of those cosmetic soap companies really love keeping your business!  (See number one - regarding your stomach.)  By using face oils, and then scrubbing them off - not washing them off with other soaps - you can eventually restore your face's pH balance.  Apple cider vinegar, cucumber juice, and black tea bags are also good ways to help tone up your pH.
    • The Badger company has a good line of natural oils.
  • Bite on a pencil to ease a headache.
    • Put a pencil between your front teeth and grip it.  Don't bite hard - you're not trying to eat the thing.  Just bite down enough to cause your jaws to actually open up in the back.  If you clench your jaws, it's just going to make it worse.  This works best for tension headaches.
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