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Get Ready (Temptations)

Five Days of Getting Your Homeschool Year Off on the Right Foot

After making our curriculum choices for the year (see what made the 2017-2018 cut!), the next thing I want to do is make sure that everything is printed out and ready to go.  I don’t want to be foundering around on Monday morning trying to find materials, only to find that they haven’t been printed yet!

We’ve tried printing everything at home and sending it to the local office supply store – but each of these options comes with its pitfalls.  In the end, we usually go with taking it to the office supply store.  

Why would we pay someone to do the printing?  We usually make that decision for speed and convenience.  However, the costs tend to fall on the astronomical end of the scale, and that takes up a huge chunk of our homeschool budget.

Read on for a fantastic discount!

A New Option for Printing
The Homeschool Printing Company charges considerably less than any other place we’ve used in the past; as much as 85% less than your local printing shop costs!  We even found that their prices were less than it would cost us to print things on our home printer, and far more convenient and quick.
Read on below for an awesome discount!

The Homeschool Printing Company is a small business owned and run by a family who homeschooled their daughter from 5th grade through the end of high school.  They remember what it’s like to be a homeschool family, and they’re understanding of homeschool families’ needs.

Our Experience
The Homeschool Printing Company officially opened for business on June 1st 2017, and I learned about them a few weeks later.  Though we’d already done the bulk of our printing for the upcoming year, I still had several hundred pages left to print, and the prices looked SO much better than our usual place, so we gave them a shot. 

I was so impressed with the printing quality, speed with which I received my copies, the packaging, and even how easy it was to give them the info of what I wanted printed!   All I had to do was email the files and tell them how I wanted it printed : whether to do double-sided or not, black & white or color copies, three-hole punched, or bound together.

One thing I really appreciated about the company was that I could send several small files.  At our office supply store, I had to combine every teeny tiny file into one large 2000+ page file, or the prices were even more outrageous.  With the Homeschool Printing Company, it doesn’t matter whether you have 2000 pages of itty bitty files, or one 2000 page file, the price is going to be the same.  And it’s going to be reasonable.

Printing Costs
Here’s what they charge for printing on 20-lb., 92-brightness,
8.5″ x 11″ letter-size white copy paper (standard):
  • 1-sided color copies = 8 cents
  • 2-sided color copies = 14 cents
  • 1-sided B&W copies = 3 cents
  • 2-sided B&W copies = 5 cents

Available for an additional charge:
  • 20-lb., 3-hole drilled paper = Add 1 cent/sheet
  • 22-lb., 94-brightness paper = Add 1 cent/sheet
  • 24-lb., 98-brightness paper = Add 2 cents/sheet
  • 28-lb., 100-brightness paper = Add 3 cents/sheet

How does this compare?
To print a 146-page PDF in color, double-sided, on 24-lb. paper, they only charge $10.95. Compare that to what any other local copy shop – or even any online printer – charges. At our local office supply store, the same file costs $21.33 to print.

Shipping is additional, of course. They use FedEx Express 3-day service. They don’t add on any “handling charges” to the shipping costs. You only pay the actual cost of FedEx shipping.  Depending on how far you live from Minneapolis, here’s what shipping charges would be:
  • Up to 500 sheets = $8.50 to $10.75
  • 501 to 1,000 sheets = $11.00 to $13.50
  • 1,001 to 1,500 sheets = $17.00 to $18.75

The files arrived shrink-wrapped, with cardboard on the top and bottom to prevent getting wrinkled or bent.  Each file was separated by a colored sheet so that it was easy to see where one ended and the other began.  (We like to use those sheets as separators in our three-ring binders…recycling!)

Try them out Risk-Free!
The company is so certain that they can provide you with excellent printing. . . at a lower cost than you’ll find anywhere else. . . that they’ll make an offer you’ll find hard to resist.
  1. Send an e-mail to TheHomeschoolPrintingCompany@gmail.com.  (Include my name : Yvie @ Gypsy Road to get 10% off!)
  2. Attach some PDF files that you’d like printed.  (They don’t even need to be homeschool-related. It could be an e-book on parenting, gardening, or anything!  The files just need to be PDFs that you want to be printed on letter-sized white paper.)  If they’re too big to attach to an e-mail, use Dropbox, Drive, or another cloud-based service, and send them the link to the folder where they are.
  3. Let them know if you want the files printed single- or double-sided, B&W or color, and if you want any paper upgrades (three-hole punch, binding, etc).
  4. They’ll get back to you as soon as possible (usually same-day) and let you know what the total cost would be to print and ship your order.  (Make sure to include your physical address so they can calculate the shipping charges.)
  5. Once you hear back from them, you get to decide whether to go ahead and print up your PDFs.  There’s no obligation.  You’re free to say ‘no,’ without any issues.
  6. If you do give the “go-ahead”, they’ll print up your order as soon as possible and ship it out by FedEx.  In the package, they’ll include an invoice that you can pay (by check or PayPal), only if you’re 100% satisfied!
  7. If something isn’t right when you get your package, don’t pay the invoice.  Seriously!  E-mail them instead.  Let them know what’s up, and they’ll either fix it or cancel the invoice.
  8. If you have any questions, send an e-mail to TheHomeschoolPrintingCompany@gmail.com.  They’ll respond promptly.

Get a 10% Discount!
If you do decide to take them up on this offer, please let them know who put you in touch with them (Yvie @ Gypsy Road).  If you do that, you’ll get a 10% discount on your first order!  But they still won’t ask you to pay for it until after you receive your printing and are 100% satisfied.

(Disclosure: I will receive a small credit for my own printing if you use my name - Yvie @ Gypsy Road - as the one who referred you.)

2,000 pages, printed and hole-punched  $60.00

Expedited shipping  $13.50

Being totally prepared for the entire school year with just a few mouse clicks  

(For comparison :  Office supply prices were :  $211.24 w/ free shipping for the same order)

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