Thursday, August 17

Fun, Fun, Fun (Beach Boys)

Five Days of Getting Your Homeschool Year Off on the Right Foot

A big part of our school year is the field trips.  Generally, we will study a topic ahead of time and then take the field trip - this helps them to fully understand the hands-on experiences.  The kids have been to nearly every state, and experienced a wide range of of historical, scientific, and cultural activities that they wouldn't have been able to do solely in our home state.  

Not every family is able to road school, but that doesn't mean that field trips shouldn't be a part of your school.  If you are interested in starting to road school, or even vacation-school, here's a post to get you started on that journey!

Here are some FREE, local field trip options:
Find your local field trip options through this app from Homeschool Buyers Co-op.

Finally, though these aren't free, educational subscription boxes are a great way to bring the field trip into your home.  Here are some of our favorites!

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