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Monday, March 6

Teaching Kids About Herbs : Slippery Elm

 March's herb is Slippery Elm...'tis the season for sore throats and stomach bugs!  Let's nip them in the bud...
Slippery Elm
Just the Facts
  • Plant Description : Slippery Elm is a tree with broad, asymmetrical leaves and reddish-brown tree bark.
  • Parts to use : Inner tree bark
  • Used primarily for : Nausea / vomiting, ulcers, diarrhea, inflammation of stomach, sore throat
  • You can make : Tea, syrup, capsule, oil, lozenge

  • Skin Poultice : Mix slippery elm powder with water to form a paste.  Cover the inflamed area (like a mud band-aid); wash and replace with more poultice every few hours until rash / sore / burn / etc is gone.
  • Throat Lozenges : Using your recipe for chamomile tea (see that section of book), take ¼ cup tea and mix with ½ cup slippery elm powder.  Form into dough and roll out to ¼” thick.  Cut into small, cubed pieces and roll into balls.  Lay out on a cookie sheet and let dry overnight.  Store in a cool, dry place.  Suck on lozenges as needed to soothe inflamed throat or stomach.

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