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Monday, February 20

Project Passport Review : Ancient Greece

HISTORY Through the Ages Project Passport World History Study

We have used several products by Home School in the Woods in the past, but HISTORY Through the Ages Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Greece is at the top of our lists of favorites.  While we’re not specifically studying Greece this year (it’s in Year One, and we’re on Year Three), we were recently given the opportunity to check out this supplement….which I really think (when paired with its counterparts) could be used as a history and writing curriculum all on its own!  Other titles in this series include Ancient Egypt, Middle Ages, and Renaissance & Reform.

The passport features twenty-five ‘stops,’ each featuring a different aspect of life in Ancient Greece.  At each stop, there is a selection of text and activities to accompany it – including timeline work, arts and crafts, and newspaper writing.  Some of the stops also have an ‘audio tour,’ which is like a short audiobook to go with it.  The audio tours have been one of our favorite features of the program!
Probably my biggest complaint about the printing is that every. single. thing is in a separate PDF file.  I would have much rather preferred to have it all in one huge file…or at least the entire itinerary section in one file, instead of multiple, smaller ones.  But, we got them all printed out.  It just took a little longer.

As the teacher, I went ahead and did some of the work ahead of time, so that they could focus on the projects themselves, rather than prepping for them.  For example, I made the postcard holder – then they could just focus on the cards themselves.  I also pre-printed the timeline for them to use with the figurines.  Finally, while I can’t take credit for coming up with this idea, I set up a newspaper with all the sheets so that, once they have completed every stop, they will have created a complete Ancient Greek Times newspaper out of their writing assignments!

HISTORY Through the Ages Project Passport World History Study ReviewsI used a 3” binder to organize everything for quick access.  We separated stops by colored tabs, and each one had the itinerary, text / lesson, crafts and activities, maps, and teacher key included in its section.  This made it a lot easier to just grab and go each morning.  Also, I flipped through the lessons to see what supplies we would need for crafts and cooking projects.  Since it is a long drive to get to a store, we have to plan ahead for any extras.  Getting it organized did take some time, but it was very much worth that effort!

  • There are detailed instructions to tell you exactly how to print everything out, and how many copies of each sheet you’ll need.
  • This is a very thorough curriculum, and perfect for a hands-on learner!  It has art  projects, cooking, and everyday crafts, as well as audiobook components and lapbooking.
  • The itinerary is your Teacher’s Guide.  It details each stop’s lesson plans and activities.  Don’t lose it!
  • The Student Binder is a fantastic way to keep the work organized, plus it makes a nice keepsake for their school boxes.  As an added bonus, since we are doing Ancient Greece at the History Fair this year, most of their table work is already done!
  • Getting organized takes a concentrated effort – but if you don’t get organized ahead of time, you’ll regret it!
  • There is a lot to print.  If you have a good relationship with your local Kinkos, it might be worth it to get the whole thing printed out in one shebang before starting.  We printed at home, and it took nearly a day just to print everything – plus another to organize it.
  • All of the components are in many many small files, rather than a couple of larger files, which makes printing take longer.
 A Few More Notes…
  • The suggested grade level for Project Passport is 3-8.
  • It should take 8-12 weeks to complete the full study. 
  • Visit Homeschool in the Woods to see all the other products they have available.
  • This dovetailed nicely with our Greek Mythology fun, and we got to re-enact the Olympics!!
  • Ancient Rome is coming soon!
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HISTORY Through the Ages Project Passport World History Study Reviews
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