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Monday, February 13

Ice Cream (Sarah McLachlan)

One of Oklahoma's pleasures is the Braum's Ice Cream Parlor.  It's a chain that began in 1933, and a part of every child's memory in this area!  To find out more about the company's history, read more here.  During our stay in central Oklahoma, we had the opportunity to tour the Braum's Factory in Tuttle.  It's a tiny little town, but very beautiful!
The tour lasted about two hours, durin which time we were able to tour all of their bakery, processing, and packaging facilities.  One of the neat things about this company is that they make everything they need, from the food products to the packaging materials, right on site!  We were not allowed to take photos during the tour itself, but found you a video of the factory tour, which is beneath the unit study at the bottom.
The best part of the tour?  Getting to sample cookies and ice cream, of course!!  Actually, we also found some of the facts interesting that we picked up along the way.  For example, there are approximately 40 calves born at the farm each DAY....I'll let you do the math for the year!  The photo below shows the area where baby calves are housed and raised, right by the river.  (The other one is the truck housing...all trucks return daily, so they keep their stores close.)  Find out how you can take your own, free, tour!
Ice Cream Unit Study

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