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Saturday, January 28

The Book Shack - Filling a Homeschool Need

Once upon a time, there was a magic place called The Book Samaritan.  For nearly seventeen years, the fairy godmothers provided families in need with books, curriculum, and supplies so that they could homeschool their children, even if funding was tight.

As time passed, the kingdom became a darker place.  Trolls hid beneath the rocks and tried to disguise themselves as villagers in need.  The fairy godmothers began to lose steam.  They had families, who also needed their help, at home.  Their good idea had begun to take over their lives, and they were tired.

They decided to close the castle doors, and draw up the moat, forever.

BUT!  Some villagers from a nearby village strongly believed in the fairy godmothers, and their mission, and they agreed to use the magic wand to continue spreading love and help across all the land.  The called it The Book Shack.

However, as these new godmothers belonged to a different village, the princess (who had helped the fairy godmothers along the way) would not be sending knights to aid with the mission in the new village.  And so, the new godmothers began to scour the land for knights and princesses....
It's a true tale.  The Book Shack is a non-profit group, an extension of the Book Samaritan which was run out of Pawhuska, OK for many years.  They operate in the same vein, taking in donated curriculum and books, and then shipping it out to homeschooling families who have felt the financial crunch and cannot afford supplies.

As it comes upon that time of year for used curriculum sales, keep in mind that you can donate any unsold items to the Book Shack, and you will be helping other families in need.

It might seem strange, giving away huge boxes full of supplies, curriculum, books, manipulatives, and other homeschooling items to people that you don't know, but you are helping another family to have that freedom of schooling choice.  Also, as an added bonus, both your donation and your shipping are tax-deductible.

How to help:

  • Book donations: We accept any used books, workbooks, flash cards, kits, DVDs, CD-ROMS, and school supplies. They will be catalogued for immediate redistribution.
  • Cash donations: Be assured that 100% of all contributions will be used to purchase much-needed curriculum and cover renter's insurance for the distribution center.
  • Books, curriculum, cash contributions and postage are all tax deductible gifts.
  • Please pray for our continued efforts to reach out to homeschooling families through this ministry.
Please forward curriculum donations to:

The Book Shack
PO Box 235
Prague, OK  74864
Please forward cash donations to :

NOTE: Shipping via "Media Mail" is the most inexpensive rate available. Just ask the clerk for the "Media Mail" rate when shipping books, curriculum, or other materials.

If you’re in need of materials, you can send a letter to this organization, along with your children’s grade levels, and they’ll do their best to help you out. Find out more about requesting materials.

You’re probably asking, “But what’s the catch?” It’s simple really. When you’re finished with the materials, they don’t want you selling them. They simply request that you send them back so they can be used by other homeschooling families in need.

Check it out. The Book Samaritan is a great organization that has already helped many homeschooling families, and The Book Shack will hopefully help many more in the future.
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