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Monday, January 9

Playing with Words : Speech Therapy & Elementary Latin

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We've teamed up with several other bloggers to bring you some fresh new ideas for the new year as part of a Virtual Curriculum Fair.  

This week we’ll introduce you to :
  • our journey through teaching Latin in elementary school
  • resources for doing speech therapy in your homeschool
  • and our favorite classical language arts curriculum.  
Come on in!
Speech Therapy
Speech Therapy is a big part of our school week.  As it's so expensive, and we're not always in the same location, going to a therapist is not an option for our family.  But we've made it work!  We've compiled several great lists of free resources and games to help other parents struggling to do speech therapy at home.
Teaching Latin - Resources
Latin is the foundation of many world languages, including our own English.  It also has so many real-world applications in the fields of science and history.  So, after much deliberation, it seemed a natural progression from phonics to Latin.  Still in elementary school, the results are already beginning to show themselves in our children's vocabulary and word discovery...  (Find out how we settled on teaching Latin.)

  • Classical Academic Press has wonderful Latin programs for all ages and they also provide some great extras. 
  • Latin Loaded‘ is a YouTube channel with short videos perfect for a quick Latin lesson.
  • Play Race to the Colosseum with this fun game board – and practice Latin vocabulary while you play (also includes some other fun printables).
  • If you use Visual Latin from Compass Classroom, this Latin vocabulary review game is what you need to review your vocabulary.
  • You can even play online at Headventure Land from Classical Academic Press.


  • If you and your kids have been working on Latin, then you know there is a lot to learn!  This economically-priced Latin Bundle includes a daily calendar and vocabulary flash cards for nine different sets of words (months / days, weather / seasons, body parts / senses, colors, numbers, animals, food, family, and holidays).
    • Each set can be used as flash cards, or as a memory game (match word to picture).  Use the daily calendar to practice everyday words, and you'll be surprised at how much is retained!
  • The second Latin bundle is styled exactly the
    same way as the first, but features more advanced vocabulary, including :  nature words, household items, around the house vocab, 'in the military,' job and career words, declensions / endings.
  • Besides their YouTube channel and Headventure Land, Classical Academic Press also has a large selection of resources on their FAQs page (coloring pages, Latin charts, and flash cards). If you use any of their programs, their resources are perfect for review.
  • Lesson Planet offers all subjects, including Latin.  They have games, activities, and worksheets for all grade levels.  Get a free ten-day trial with this Ten-day Free Trial link.


Classical Language Arts
Memoria Press has a fabulous set of classical books, including Famous Men of Rome, Greece, the Middle Ages, and Modern Times.  These are appropriate for upper middle to lower secondary school, and cover history, geography, and mapwork, in addition to reading and writing.  You can see a full review of the program here.
Memoria Press Review

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