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Monday, December 5


If you’ve followed our blog for any length of time, the you’ve probably noticed two things :
1.  We love history.
2.  We try to homeschool with hands-on methods as often as possible.

So when we heard about History Unboxed, we knew we had to try it!  

History Unboxed is a monthly subscription service that provides hands-on history fun, delivered right to your door.  The basic premise is that two siblings, 13-year-old Ava and 8-year-old Zane, magically travel through time on a historical adventure, sharing hands-on fun along the way. 
When you sign your child up for this History Unboxed adventure, you will receive a welcome box.  The welcome box includes:
  • An interactive timeline
  • An introductory letter from either Ava or Zane, depending upon your child’s age, and an age-appropriate welcome comic strip created by an artist
  • A Time Capsule kit to create your very own historic artifact
  • Additional introductory materials for use with your subscription

Each month, you will receive a kit from the time traveling duo. Each box will include age-appropriate hands-on learning activities, crafts, and enrichment materials, in addition to a comic strip. 

The Nitty Gritty
  • Cost : $29.97 per month + $7 shipping = $36.97 per month
  • Ships to : US only at this time
  • Monthly Boxes : History Unboxed has two different subscription levels, one for children ages 5-9 and one for children ages 10-15. This review is the 10-15 age range.
  • School Course : History Unboxed is now offering their very first school-year-long course. Registration will happen during the month of August. If you are interested in this course, you can click here to sign up.

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This month’s package is all about ancient Alexander the Great!  Ava (our host through the ancient world) usually sends one pen pal letter, but this month she sent four letters from different years during this time span.  We also got a printed material pack, which combines further learning, stories, and instructions and background for the activities into one handy booklet.  It’s colorful, it’s informative, and it’s really easy to go through with multiple children – all for the win!
The most random item in the box was an Alexander the Great action figure!   It was completely unexpected, and now holds a position of honor upon my son’s “special desk!”  This month’s activity was to color the regions of Alexander the Great’s empire in this map. These are the supplies and instructions that were included.  My youngest son also got involved, painting this month’s coloring sheet!
We added a bit to the box, too, since you guys know how much we love to make costumes and act out historical scenes!  Find more of these costumes here - 100% designed and created by our costume-addicted son.

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We received one box free from History Unboxed in exchange for an honest review.  Everything here is our own opinions - the good, the bad, and the costumes.  :)
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