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Wednesday, September 14

Preserve Memories with Canvas Factory (A GIVEAWAY HOP!)

With the Canvas Factory, getting those beautifully-printed canvases is more attainable than ever!  They use top quality materials, but at the most affordable option currently available.
A few weeks back, we were hiking in Colorado Springs at the Garden of the Gods.  If you haven't been, you totally should - check out our post here.  Anywho - it's a rare occasion to get all four of us in the same picture, but something we keep trying to do, with little success.  At one point, we set the camera on a rock, turned on the timer, and all jumped into the picture - and it turned out pretty well!!  So, when Canvas Factory offered me a canvas, I couldn’t turn them down.
Canvas Factory not only offers aluminum and glass prints they offer the most beautiful canvas pictures. You can send in your own, or you can choose from their library of more than 20 million pictures. With my photo, I was able to crop it, wrap it the way I wanted, and preview it before it was printed.
You can make your own photo college, split images, single images, or wall display. I think that using canvas on your wall is so unique and elegant. The options are limitless - you can choose from acrylic, canvas, photo paper, and metals. I'm one of those people who likes everything to be similar, so we are using all canvas.

Need a cool gift? Canvas Factory has a huge assortment of photo ideas for anyone on your list. Think about the possibilities for a wedding gift, or a mother’s day one of a kind present that she will love. I always make calendars for my family at Christmas. If I didn’t make them, they would get upset. Making photo gifts could be your new tradition.
For more information, go online to Canvas Factory to see how easy it is to create your own unique masterpiece!     Get social at  :  Facebook  &  Pinterest 
Win a Canvas Factory package!!
One winner will receive a free 16" x 20" canvas and free shipping.  (US / Can only)

We are joining The Kids Did It and Mommy Island for a giveaway hop!

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