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Tuesday, September 13

Heirloom Audio Books

Heirloom Audio Productions produces wonderful, professional audio dramas that bring history to life for the entire family. As a travelling family, we enjoy listening to audiobooks regularly, so we were excited to try out their stories. The first time we heard one of their audiobooks, and then studied along with its study guide and bonuses, we were just BLOWN AWAY!

Honestly, we have looked into the Henty books in the past, and decided that they were too old for our children, but Heirloom has made these great books accessible for the whole family. Henty's books can be overwhelming for some readers and I'm glad that the company made his books more accessible, while at the same time piquing interest in history. Each story lasts for over 2 hours, making them the perfect accompaniment to road trips.

Heirloom's productions are very professionally done - both the acting and the background work - and are a delight to listen to…even the one child that usually steers away from audiobooks was loving it! He came to me in the evening and asked if there were any more “cd books” like the one.

But don't just take our word for it.  Heirloom Audio Productions also won the 2015 Schoolhouse Review Crew Blue Ribbon Award!

Pick up four of their best-loved audiobooks at a special (very low priced) discount!!

The latest audiobook we've been listening to is Beric the Briton.  Find out more about this story, and their other offerings, below!

This tale of the Roman invasion of ancient Britannia remains one of G.A. Henty’s most popular novels of all time. Join Beric and his best friend Bodouc as they live the adventure of a lifetime – captured by the Romans, trained as gladiators, and placed in the service of Emperor Nero himself! When the story of a mysterious “Christus” begins to circulate the Roman Empire, Beric and Bodouc are forced to confront their pagan past. Will the two young prisoners be able to overcome their thirst for revenge and discover the source of true forgiveness?

While we haven't used the accompanying study guide very much yet, I do want to use it more in-depth in the future - particularly when we loop back around to this historical era in our history curriculum. The guide is divided into lessons which cover different sections of the audio CD. Resources within the study guide include the following: maps, details on Ancient Rome, comprehension questions and discussion tips for understanding the material better, and vocabulary. Also included is a Bible study guide which explores the Scriptures behind some of the character traits within the story.

Beric the Briton is an audiobook we'll listen to many times, and we're excited to see that Heirloom has more productions in the works. Not only are your kids learning to love history, but they're also discovering the strong moral character that drove great men to do extraordinary things.

Beric the Briton is available here for $29.97 plus $6.95 shipping. It includes :
  • 2-CD Audio set 
  • Instant Access MP3 download 
  • Study Guide 
  • Soundtrack 
  • Printable wall art / quote
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