Thursday, September 29

River (Emeli Sande)

We decided to take a day of downtime on this trip, to recharge the batteries.  If you have a chance to listen to today's song, I suggest doing's really beautiful.  We stopped off at the first hotel we could find, which was in a place called Georgetown.  Everyone was pretty happy to be out of the car, especially since we'd been driving on windy Rocky Mountain roads all day.  

Note :  When you see a windy road sign on an already-twisty road, with a 9% downhill're in for a wild ride!!!!!

We checked into the cutest little bed and breakfast, called the Hotel Chateau Chamoix.  This place was impeccably run, with the nicest innkeeper!  The breakfast was delicious, the rooms were spacious, and the atmosphere was magnifique!  Hubby and I will definitely be trying to get back there for a quiet weekend....
We went for a walk, just to look around and stretch our legs.  This bridge ran over a rushing river, and we enjoyed its peace for a few minutes.
While wandering around, we found this neat cafe called the Euro Grill.  It's only open in the summer, but it's run by visiting students from the Czech Republic, and the food and atmosphere are fantastic!!  Authentic European cuisine....we sampled a little bit of everything.  Highly recommend!
How can you not love a place that looks as peaceful as this?  The house has a river running right there!  The only thing better would be a glass-bottomed bay window overhanging it....
We stumbled upon this train station in nearby Silver Plume, and will probably be going on a train excursion soon!

Tuesday, September 27

Language or the Kiss (Indigo Girls)

As part of a classical curriculum, we began teaching our children Latin from an early age.  Latin is the foundation of many world languages, including our own English.  For us, it seemed a natural progression from phonics to Latin, and the results are already beginning to show themselves in our children's vocabulary and word discovery...

Reasons to Teach Latin
  • English Vocabulary  About 60% of English words derive from Latin, and more than 90% of multi-syllabic English words have a Latin root!  All of that "scientific mumbo jumbo" is either Latin or Greek.  Learn it and empower yourself and your children!
  • Foreign Language    If you want to learn or teach Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese or any of the Romance languages, a Latin background will be immensely helpful.  The vocabulary and grammatical structures all derive from Latin.
  • Test Scores    Not my favorite topic, but a background in Latin has been proven to increase verbal, analytic, and problem solving scores.
  • There are many more reasons, but these three alone are enough for us!!  What's your reason for choosing Latin (or another language)?
  • If you and your kids have been working on Latin, then you know there is a lot to learn!  This economically-priced Latin Bundle includes a daily calendar and vocabulary flash cards for nine different sets of words (months / days, weather / seasons, body parts / senses, colors, numbers, animals, food, family, and holidays).
    • Each set can be used as flash cards, or as a memory game (match word to picture).  Use the daily calendar to practice everyday words, and you'll be surprised at how much is retained!

  • Classical Academic Press has wonderful Latin programs for all ages and they also provide some great extras. 
  • Latin Loaded‘ is a YouTube channel with short videos perfect for a quick Latin lesson.
  • Besides their YouTube channel and Headventure Land, Classical Academic Press also has a large selection of resources on their FAQs page (coloring pages, Latin charts, and flash cards). If you use any of their programs, their resources are perfect for review.
  • Learning all those Declensions and Conjugations takes time – and I don’t want my daughter to forget all she’s learned so these Latin master charts from Family Style Schooling are perfect for reviewing vocabulary (and something we’ll be using to keep all the information fresh in her mind).

Here is my son's twist-tie "Super Vir."  I love how he takes his Latin and just applies it to....everything.