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Tuesday, August 30

Get Out of Denver (Bob Segar)

On a particularly long and hot driving day....think a 16 hour driving day...we decided to take some much-needed break time from the car.  We were driving through windy Rocky Mountain roads, and there wasn't any place to stop, but we were surrounded by Mother Nature's beauty...
We pulled off on the side of the road and slipped our shoes off to dip our feet in the rushing river.  The waters were moving so quickly...and they were SO cold!  Having never been to this area of the country before, it was all new and fascinating!
It was so difficult to fathom the water being that cold, when it was 100 degrees outside!  But as you looked at the peaks of the mountains, snow was clearly visible.  The rushing waters were the melting snow caps.  Just sitting, closing our eyes, and listening to the sounds of nature around us was a very soul-moving event.
If you live in, or travel through, this area of the country often, you probably take for granted the beauty.  How could you not?  We adore the ocean, but after a while, it becomes routine and we become complacent about this wonderful amenity nature has provided.  The Rocky Mountains were by and large the biggest mountains we've ever seen - and just a little bit scary to venture out on, when you have a gangly pre-teen!  

Sadly, our 'hour of nature' passed all too quickly, and it was time to get back in the car for some more twisty roads.  (Note : These ginger mints work super well for carsickness.  Even better than those bands.)  Had to keep on keepin' on!!

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