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Saturday, July 16

Ten Days of Roadschooling : Day 6 (NASA Passport)

Day 6 : NASA Passport Program

The NASA Passport Program is free to join, and provides savings on admission, tours, food, and retail purchases at each of their fourteen locations across the country.  You'll receive a stamp at each location, and when / if you get all fourteen, you will get a special surprise for completing the mission!  (We haven't finished, so I'm not sure what it is.)   

If you have an aviation / space fan, you'll want to sign up for this free program!  Also, if you have kids that are into space and aviation, you should check out this STEM program.

Here are the sites we've visited thus far....

We have been close to a few others, but some of the sites have waiting lists - you must make reservations and get clearance now before you can visit.  The ones in SoCal are all in this category.

Because of our children's interests, we have a lot of space and aviation resources on the blog.  Here are some of the aviation (not space) ones :

Ten Days of Road-Schooling
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