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Friday, July 15

Ten Days of Roadschooling : Day 5 (The Arts)

Day 5 : The Arts

Most of our experiences with the arts have been unplanned stops.  We have seen some of the craziest stuff while travelling!  Usually, we'll see a brochure or a billboard and say "Hmm...let's check it out!"  These impromptu visits have not only been a lot of fun, but have given the children cultural experiences that they wouldn't have otherwise been privy to.  

Don't discount random'll find something to learn every place you go!  And if you see something that interests you in the lists below, be sure to check out the links.  Almost every single one has a unit study for more in-depth exploration!

What stops should we add to this list???

Musical Experiences

Theater Experiences

Architecture & Art Museums
  • We've been to so many historic homes that the eldest has developed quite an interest in architecture.  He loves to compare each new home to the ones we've previously visited, and is even designing his own structures.  How's that for inspiration?
  • Did you know there's an actual replica of the Parthenon, full-sized, in Tennessee?  If you're passing through, it's definitely worth the stop!!
  • And then there's the time it rained for a week, so we just hit every art museum in a 30 mile radius!!

Crafts & Skills
  • We randomly came upon a glass-blowing exhibition one afternoon, and spent several hours watching, asking questions, and even trying our hand at it!
  • And then there was the day we stopped off the highway to grab a bite for lunch, and stumbled right into an artists' commune in Maryland!  There were so many different exhibitions; we learned a lot!
  • The kids have picked up on a much so that they even began creating their own art and costumes out of things laying around the house.  Check it out!

Ten Days of Road-Schooling
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