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Wednesday, July 13

Ten Days of Roadschooling : Day 3 (Regional Activities)

Day 3 : Regional Activities

With high fuel costs, general unrest in the world, and little to no vacation time from work, many families are choosing to take Stay-Cations or Near-Cations.  With a bit of imagination, you can have an enjoyable time close to just have to approach your town like a tourist.  

Do some research - ask yourself "If I were just stumbling upon this area, what would I want to do?"  You can find something fun to do everywhere....even in the middle of nowhere. 

We've broken down all of our trips by region (US only for these), to help take some of the research out of your equation.  Here is your mission for this summer - do it at least once!
  • Pack the car with five days worth of clothes (well, at least five days worth of underwear)
  • Toss in some snacks, road tunes, and an audiobook
  • Find an initial destination from the list below....start driving in that direction
    • If you see something that looks like fun, take a detour!
    • Find a hotel - spend the night - start over again on day 2
  • Take detours and explore on day 2
    • Find a hotel - spend the night - start heading home on day 3
  • You might make it home on day 3, or it might be on day 4
Admittedly, if you're Type-A, this might be difficult for you, but at least try.  Pack some extra undies and a first aid kit, if it makes you feel better!

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