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Friday, July 22

Stoned Love (Supremes)

The Schneider family has traveled together full-time for 3 years. Most of their travels are done during the husband’s work tour. He’s know nation-wide as the  Chicken Whisperer, and they go on tours in the spring and fall where he teaches workshops and does book signings. You can read more about how the family got started RVing, and check out their Roadschooling Set-up, by heading over to The RV Classroom.

Mom writes...

Stone Mountain Park, Georgia

We’ve visited many places around the country, but Stone Mountain Park in Georgia is one of our favorites, so much so that we go back over and over again! It’s a great place to visit and learn for people of all ages!

My children are ages 3 and 5. What they do and learn at Stone Mountain Park now will be somewhat different in 5 or 10 years from now. Below, I’ve listed some of Stone Mountains resources that we have enjoyed, but also some that we plan to experience in the future.
 1.     Train Ride: My son is a train fanatic, but he gets it genetically! We all love trains. Riding in a train is an experience for children. As they read books about train rides, they can think back about the time they rode a train themselves.

During the train ride, a slide show plays providing information you can share with your child about the habitat and history of the land they are observing as they travel around the mountain.

Also, a few times a year, Stone Mountain offers shows for train passengers. We’ve seen a Wild West Show and their Christmas show, The Gift.
 2.     Summit Sky Ride: The Sky Ride is not for those with a fear of height… like ME, but over the last 50 rides I’ve gotten better! My son loves to watch the gears work as the blue and red cars are pushed/pulled up and down the mountain. One of these days we’re going to do a science experiment so he can see how it works first hand.
Did you know Stone Mountain isn’t a mountain at all? It’s a manadnock or isolated small mountain that rises suddenly from essentially flat ground. There’s a great deal of science to learn from the formation of Stone Mountain to the local wildlife and fauna at the top of the mountain.
 While up on the mountain, we find our favorite picnic site to eat a bite of lunch. Then, we have fun checking out the life in the water puddles, viewing the city skyline, climbing rocks, and more! 
 3.     Ride the DUCKS: Learn some history while jamming in the seat of a 1940’s era Army DUKW, which is a land vehicle that converts into a boat! Kids of all ages from 2 to 102 are given the opportunity to drive this awesome vehicle! How many people can say they drove a war vehicle at 3 years old? Mine can!
4.     Special Educational Exhibits: Each year, there are educational exhibits over the summer. Our favorite was the year they had the butterfly exhibit. Last year, they had a Traveling the World exhibit where you could “travel” and learn about different countries through playing games! There’s also many live shows that are offered at various times around the park.
5.     Memorial Hall & Confederate Hall: There is so much you can learn about the creation, history, and construction of Stone Mountain; the history of Georgia; seasons of Georgia; the Civil War; and more by taking tours of Memorial Hall and Confederate Hall!
6.     Other Great Experiences:
·        Walk the 1.1 mile Walk Up Trail to the top of Stone Mountain.
·        Visit the Quarry Exhibit to learn more about the process of granite quarrying, learn where Stone Mountain granite is located around the world, and more!
·        Hike the many paths around Stone Mountain to view the local wildlife and fauna first hand.
·        Visit the Farmyard and get up close and personal with goats, chickens, sheep, and other farm animals.
·        Visit Historic Square to view a collection of historic homes from around Georgia and antiques.
·        Develop your child’s imagination and gross motor skills as they climb and play on the awesome playgrounds located in Stone Mountain park and Stone Mountain campground.
·        View a grand Laser Show with spectacular fireworks to celebrate Georgia, the south, and Civil War history.

Stone Mountain has so much to offer and even though we’ve visited more than 20 times in the last 3 years, there’s so much we haven’t done, but it’s on our bucket list!

This list is mostly comprised of the learning experiences Stone Mountain offers in the Spring and Summer, which is when we are usually there, but they offer a variety of encounters for each season! Check out Stone Mountain’s website for more information!

God Bless You on Your Learning Journey ~

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