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Friday, June 24

Last Resort (Eagles)

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They came from Providence....the one in Rhode Island....  ~"The Last Resort" (Eagles)

On a Road Trip Adventure across the USA, the Smith family left Concord, New Hampshire and headed to Rhode Island.  

Mom Smith writes :
But before we got to our next campground, we made a stop in the capital of the Ocean State.  We stopped in Providence because our family wanted to see the Roger Williams National Memorial and tour the Rhode Island State House.

roger williams national memorial, RIThis memorial has a small Visitor Center, but don't let its size disappoint you!  We stepped inside and found a ranger to talk to, a film to watch, exhibits to read, artifacts to see, and lots to learn about the founder of Rhode Island, Roger Williams. 

Roger Williams National MemorialWe discovered that Roger Williams is not only responsible for the founding of the Colony of Providence Plantations, but he is also the author of Key into the Language of America. This book is the first book ever written about Native American languages. After exploring the grounds of this memorial and having a picnic, we took a short walk to the Rhode Island State House. 
  RI state house

DSCN7330Since we were just passing through Providence, we didn't have time for a guided tour, but with a pamphlet offered to us when we signed in, we had the chance to take a self-guided tour.  We learned that the Rhode Island State House:
  • was completed in 1904 (construction began in 1895)
  • architectural style is classified as Neo-classical and is constructed of white Georgian marble
  • dome is the 4th largest self-supporting dome in the world
 rhode island state houseDSCN7331
Here's our favorite things we saw on our self-guided tour....
Buddy's favorite thing was the Gettysburg Gun and Civil War Flags, whereas Belle liked seeing the original charter for this colony granted by King Charles II in 1663.  Mr. Gary liked seeing the famous portrait of George Washington (which we saw in the State Reception Room). This full portrait of Washington was painted by Gilbert Stuart (who we later discovered is a native of Rhode Island).
gettysburg gunRI charter
My favorite thing to see in the Rhode Island State House was the State Library.  I could have spent hours in here, but we were just passing through Providence and we'd already stayed longer than we had planned...on a Road Trip Adventure across the USA, it was time to hit the road again!
inside RI state houseinside RI state house

DSCN7315Come with us and see where we parked our home on wheels and read what we did in Narragansett, Rhode Island.

Rhode Island Unit Study
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