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Wednesday, June 8

Building a Mystery (Sarah McLachlan)

What better place to study NC State History than the North Carolina History Museum in Raleigh?  Here, you'll find three floors of artifacts and exhibits spanning from pre-colonization to modern day.  Since we were heading to Roanoke next, our unit study for this trip was the Lost Colony.  (Scroll down for your free unit study!)
Most Americans know the story of the “Lost Colony.” The village of Roanoke was the one of the first English colonies to be established on the soil, however this village did not turn out to be a successful one.
 The Governor of this hamlet was John White. The small population of Roanoke complained about their lack of food and tools, and they believed that the Native Americans may launch a surprise attack on them. These complaints led to John White going to England, for nearly three years, to later return along with the proper supplies the colonists requested. 
When John White returned, he found a ghost town. The area which was once a village was stripped of its people. Houses and other shelters were nowhere in site. What was left behind were some small cannons, an opened chest, a tall fence built around the perimeter of the former village site, and a single word inscription carved on a fence post, “Croatoan.

Scroll down for a Lost Colony Unit Study....
The museum travels through time to the days of slavery, and it also has an entire room on the Native Americans of North Carolina.
A very large room is dedicated to the Civil War, with many interesting artifacts from NC regiments of the Confederacy.
Travelling forward in time, we come to World War I and the Great Depression.
In the World War II section, you can learn about how the Coast Guard station in North Carolina twarted many German u-boats and potential threats to the United States.  We really enjoyed learning about 400+ years of NC history on this rainy afternoon!  
As the perfect ending to the day, we had a slumber party at our friends''s always great to catch up with a glass of wine (for us) and running around being silly (for them)!

Lost Colony Unit

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