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Friday, June 3

Blue Sky Mine (Midnight Oil)

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The Smith Family is on a  Road Trip Adventure across the USA, and we're joining along for one leg of their journey!

Grand Tetons Unit

Mom writes :
Our family decided that our sightseeing destination in Wyoming would be the the Grand Teton National Park.  We spent three days in this national park and we could have stayed longer.  If you're planning a visit ,or enjoy virtual trips, here's our family's Three Day Tour of Grand Teton National Park...

Our first day in this national park was busy. We wanted to see and do as much as we could, so we went to:
  1. the Colter Bay Visitor Center and Jackson Lake
  2. the Willow Flats Turnout
  3. the Chapel of the Sacred Heart and
  4. Signal Mountain Logde and the summit of Signal Mountain
  5. the Oxbow Bend Turnout
We enjoyed every sight and stop, but what we really wanted to see on that first day was a bear. Despite all the places we had been that day, we hadn't seen a bear. Disappointed, we drove back to the campground in silence.  However, the silence didn't last long. We saw a bear walk out of the forest, cross the road in front of us, walk right beside our truck...and then disappear into the forest. Seeing a bear was a grand way to end our first day in Grand Teton National Park.
DSCN6688 DSCN6696DSCN6705
Our second day was just as busy as our first. This is what we did on Day 2:
  1. stopped by the Jenny Lake Visitor Center
  2. spent several hours at Menors Ferry Historic Area
  3. drove into Jackson Hole
  4. took a scenic drive back to the campground
At the Jenny Lake Visitor Center, we we checked out a relief map of the park, learned more about glaciers and mountains, and goofed around with antlers and horns.
horns or antlershorn or antler
And on our way to our next stop, we saw a line of cars by the side of the road. We stopped too. And with binoculars and the zoom on my camera lens, our family had the opportunity to watch mama moose and her new-born calf.
mama moose and calf DSCN6884
According to the ranger, this calf had just been born that morning. And we got to see it take its first steps.  At Menors Ferry Historic Area, we took a self-guided tour of a 1892 homestead.  We checked out the transportation shed and learned about the ferry service.  In the General Store, we sampled cookies, were invited to dinner, and enjoyed talking to the costumed guide. (You can learn more about Menors Ferry Historic Area here.)
When we left Jackson Hole, (want to know what we did in Jackson Hole) we took a scenic route through the park and back to the campground.  Seeing bison was another grand way to end a day in Grand Teton National Park!
DSCN7545 DSCN7551 DSCN7552IMG_0426
For our last day, our family decided that we wanted to see this national park not from the scenic roads and turnouts but from the water. On Day 3, our grand plan was kayaking.
We headed back to Jenny Lake, but made unscheduled stop first. We stopped to watch not a black bear or a mama moose and her calf or a herd of bison. This time we stopped and watched a brown bear. And we watched until Mr. Bear disappeared into the woods.
Then we made our way to Jenny Lake and spent the afternoon enjoying this park from the water.
After a three day tour of Grand Teton National Park, our family agreed that we could spend another three days here. But on a year-long Road Trip Adventure across the USA, it was time for our family to say good-bye to the Tetons.
oxbow bend turnout
But today, our grand tour and the grandness of this national park hasn't been forgotten!

Robin is a wife, homeschool mom, and blogger. She has been homeschooling for 14 years and has
recently started a blog,, to help other homeschool families. In 2011-2012, Robin and her family took a year-long RV Road Trip across the USA. She blogs about their travel adventure
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