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Wednesday, May 11

Walk This Way (Aerosmith)

Ahhhh...visiting the southeast during hurricane season!  We'd weathered several days of heavy rains from hurricane remnants when we got one clear, beautiful day.  So we decided to find the nearest state park and go hiking!!  Our boy scout troops at home were hiking that weekend, and it was perfect fall weather!
We set off over the river and through the a magic castle and waterfall!!!
The fall foliage was exceptional, and we spent some time drawing the various leaves that we found and enjoying a picnic on a fallen log in the trail.
The oldest diverged from the path several times, going down into steep ravines and rocky cliffs to see what he could find.  While he's not much for athletics, he loves to go hiking and exploring...alone.  Very much an introvert, rather than a team-player, that one.
In the meantime, the youngest and I stayed on the trail because he kept tripping over his own feet.  It's very difficult to hike when you keep looking up in the sky to watch the airplanes!
We found several of these man-made waterfalls, and several fallen trees in the middle of the trail.  But we giggled when my son stood by one of them and said "I'm stumped."  He was saying that he couldn't understand why there were so many downed trees, but......he made a funny.

After going uphill for nearly a half-mile, the boys needed a short break.  We found this amphitheater out in the middle of the woods.  It's probably used for summer camps and such, but we put on some impromptu Vaudeville acts!
It took us a little over two hours to do five miles.  Considering that I forgot to stop the watch while we ate lunch and drew pictures, that's not so bad!  Hurricane Joaquin moved in the following day and started dumping all sorts of rain on the area, causing massive flooding, and we were so glad to have spent this day in beautiful, South Carolina nature!   If you find yourself wishing for a day like this in the winter, just check out Things to do When the Natives are Restless!

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