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Friday, May 20

Upcycle with Chick-fil-A Moms!

Our challenge from Chick-Fil-A Moms was to upcycle the salad container from our yummy Spicy Southwest Salad lunch!!  As you can see...I stole a few of the kids' fries to complement the ensemble.  Doesn't it look colorful and tasty?!

I passed the challenge along to my kids (gave me an entire afternoon to clean house!!), and they came up with four different ways for you to reuse that container...

  1. Sprouted Garden
  2. Lego Travel Container
  3. Toiletry / Hospitality Kits
  4. Egg Basket

Their first idea is probably the first thing that most people think of...creating a small herb garden, or window garden.  We are using our's to sprout baby greens for salads and dinner toppers.  Sprouts are high in minerals, and help to alkalize your body.

This one is fairly straight forward...
  1. Clean out the container very well
  2. Put a layer of potting soil in the bottom part
  3. Plant your sprouting seeds (we are using radish and wheat)
  4. Water with about 1/8 cup water initially
  5. If it's cool, cover with the clear top for the greenhouse effect
  6. Place in the window, and watch the sprouts grow!
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Who hasn't forgotten something when they travel?  We pick up samples and save them for guests to use.  Once a year, we also use our samples to create toiletry kits for those in need.  The salad containers may not work as well for the ones that are being handed out, but they are the perfect size to fill with some samples and set to the side.  When a guest arrives...voila!  They'll have everything they need!

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In this case, we do want to put all of our eggs into one basket...and the salad container makes a handy one!  Use the black part to gather eggs from the coop, and set them in the clear section after they have been washed - instant color coding than even the youngest of children can easily grasp!

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