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Friday, May 13

For What It's Worth (Buffalo Springfield)

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Let's join the Smith Family for a trip to Wyoming!!!  

Yellowstone National Park Unit Study

After two trips to Yellowstone National Park, we've compiled a list of tips for you before you go to our nation's oldest national park.
1. When thinking about your trip, make sure you plan enough time.
For our first trip, we planned 3 days. And we discovered that 3 days wasn't enough time for our family. Before we got there, we didn't know that this park is huge, 2.2 million acres of hugeness. For our second trip, we scheduled another 3 days. In 6 days time, you should be able to see the most popular sites in Yellowstone National Park.
2. Before you go, find a great place to stay in the park or nearby.
For our first trip, we found a cabin in Gardiner, Montana. Staying in a cabin made our trip to Yellowstone even more memorable. But on our second trip, Gary and I knew we wanted to stay in the park or nearby. We spent a lot of time driving into and out of the park during our first trip.
3. When you're on your way, plan for and prevent altitude sickness.
Our family wasn't prepared for the elevation change. Two of the four of us experienced headaches and nausea on our first trip to Yellowstone. But we planned for and prevented altitude sickness on our second trip. Check out altitude sickness and prevention on the CDC website before your trip.
4. From a list of must-see sites, pick the ones you don't want to miss.
landscape of yellowstone
On our first trip, we ran out of time and didn't get to see Old Faithful. For our second trip, we made a list of the must-see sites that we wanted to see and we headed to those places first.
picture of old faithfulpicture of old faithful
Did you know that Yellowstone has the largest number of geysers in the world? You can read more about what we learned about geologic wonders and hydrothermal features here.
5. If you want to watch wildlife in Yellowstone, find out where the animals hang out.
From a park ranger, we learned that what animals you see is primarily a matter of luck and coincidence. He told us that we were most likely to see bison and we were least likely to spot a wolf or a bear. But you can see wolves and a bear at the Grizzly Discover Center in West Yellowstone.
6. While you're driving around, be sure to get off the main road.
The Grand Loop Road is 142 miles long and takes you to one must-see site to the next. Seeing Yellowstone wouldn't be possible without this road. However, we saw more animals and scenic, uncrowded places when we ventured off the main road.
7. Before you leave, choose an activity to experience what this park has to offer.
The national park website and any ranger can supply you a list of activities to enjoy at Yellowstone. We chose to go white-water rafting on the Yellowstone River.
8. When it's time to go, know that one visit to Yellowstone may not be enough.
And we discovered that no two trips to Yellowstone National Park are the same.

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