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Friday, April 1

Yellow Submarine (Beatles)

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Today, we're following the Arnold Family to Galveston, Texas!  Did you know there are so many things to do in Galveston!?   Some of their favorite quiet moments were when they walked the historic district, had ice cream at an old fashioned ice cream parlor, walked through fun seaside shops,visited the sea wall that was built to protect the city from hurricanes, and drove through neighborhoods of beautiful Victorian homes. So much history there... 

They toured a WWII submarine and one of only three destroyer escorts in the world!  Then, they took the ferry over to Crystal Beach.  While on the ferry, they saw a concrete ship that sunk - if you are lucky, you will see dolphins swimming along with you as you pass by there! In addition to all of this, there were great places to eat, a water park, and of course, the beaches.
First off, they had never seen an ocean!  It's so hard to imagine having never seen the ocean!! So they studied oceans and sea life before visiting. Once there, they gathered sea shells and sea glass, and played in the ocean. 

They learned a lot about military history and weather when living by the ocean. While there, they experienced quite a storm with high winds, huge waves, and torrential rains! They learned why the houses on the beach are built on stilts, and why there is a sea wall. They also learned about the huge cargo ships that were constantly on the move, and the oil rig you could see from the beach. Finally, they learned a lot about the history of Galveston, the early Spanish settlers, and how seaport towns were used by the military throughout wartime.
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