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Friday, March 18

Right in Time (Lucinda Williams)

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I traveled to Chile several times for work. I went to Punta Arenas, at the very southern tip. It is the southernmost major city in the world. Before the Panama Canal was built and provided a short-cut, Punta Arenas was a very busy port city as ships stopped there for supplies on their way around the tip of South America. Now, the city is a tourist destination for eco-tourists visiting the Patagonia region and cruise ships headed to the South Pole.

For some reason, I was fascinated by the time zones! The end of South America is much farther east than most people realize. I expected it to be the same as Central Time or Mountain Time, but it is actually farther east than Florida! Because it is below the equator, the seasons are opposite our's. They also adjust for daylight savings time, but when we moved an hour forward, they moved an hour back. So depending on the time of year, the time difference between me and them could be one, two, or three hours!

It is also very windy. It is not uncommon to have tropical storm-force winds for part of the day. The winds would be bad during the day and calm down at night.

There is a penguin colony nearby. There is also a replica of one of Magellan's ships.

We also had a misconception that the food would be spicy and things would be inexpensive ... almost like a Latin American country. Actually, the food was quite plain .. a lot of lamb and seafood, potatoes and asparagus. Fresh vegetables were very expensive because the conditions are so harsh and not much grows there. So it all has to be shipped in from other areas.

Here are some more pictures.  Flying over the ice-capped mountains, sculpted trees (which are all over Punta Arenas), sunrise over the Straits of Magellan and an Argentinian-style barbeque.

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