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Tuesday, March 15

High Times (Jamiroquai)

It's almost zoo season!!!!!!!

The zoo is a popular stop in our family!  We maintain a yearly membership and go often.  But this year, we've started doing 'focused trips,' meaning that the kids pick one animal to focus their trip on.  We interact with the animals' zookeepers, and get up close with the animals, whenever possible.

So far, we've studied :

This time, they chose the giraffe!  It was a beautiful day for a long walk at the zoo.  Since the park was empty, the two zookeepers spent about an hour talking to the boys about giraffes, the different species, their life cycle, and just all sorts of great facts!  They let them help feed these big guys...and we learned that they spend 23 hours of each day just eating!

Here is our giraffe unit study for you to use!

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