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Friday, February 12

Peace Behind the Bridge (Carolina Chocolate Drops)

It's Fan Field Trip Friday!!!   
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Today, we're following the Bradsher family through the Videri Chocolate Factory in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Having grown up near Hershey, PA, Amy had always been familiar with the basic chocolate story, but she was surprised to see the machinery in action to small-batch everything at Videri!  The owners take great pride in creating a fair trade, high-quality product.  Chocolate is a very expensive product to make, and you can use every piece of the cacao bean in some way.  Videri was started by group of Raleigh residents who wanted to create wonderful chocolate, from the bean, every day.  It's a cozy, downtown chocolate factory that scrupulously sources every ingredient to insure a high quality, socially responsible chocolate.

Making chocolate is a fascinating process that's both an art and a science.  Their kids learned about the process of turning a cocoa bean into chocolate, sustainably and fairly. They were able to watch the entire small-batch process, and sample a variety of this yummy chocolate! They also learned about the hard work and dedication required to start and grow your own business.  Overall, They were all impressed with the quality of the product and the hard work that the Videri's few employees have to making their business work - and it seems to be thriving.
We loved seeing Amy's family trip as it compared to our own trips to the Hershey Chocolate Factory and Hershey town!  These pictures look so delicious that we can't wait to get back to North Carolina to pop in for a taste!!!!!!

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