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Wednesday, September 2

Here I Go Again (Whitesnake)

It's that time of year again...time to kick off another great school year!!  We follow a Unit Studies / Charlotte Mason curriculum, and thus will be immersing ourselves in the Colonial and Revolutionary periods this year.  Last year, we studied Ancient and Medieval history, and had several posts for crafts and units in that era.  This year, you will see more studies and ideas from early American times.  SO.  What are we using?  And why?

Unit Study - spine curriculum

  • A New World of Adventure - this covers all of the core subjects except math.  In some cases, the grammar and language arts are above level, so we also supplement with a more age-appropriate book for the younger one.

  • Saxon Math 3 & Saxon 6/5 - A comprehensive program that provides a great foundation for math skills.  It's an older program, but it works well.  Why reinvent the wheel?
  • Schoolhouse Rock collection - The math songs are a great help when learning multiplication facts.

Reading / Grammar

Foreign Language
  • Song School Latin - levels 1 & 2 - We will be reviewing Level 1 and heading into Level 2.  The kids love how silly Simian the Monkey is, and I love that they're learning so much vocabulary behind-the-scenes!
  • Middlebury Mandarin - As a family, we are going to begin level 1 of Elementary Chinese.  So far, we can count to two...

Physical Education / Health
  • PE cards - Each day, they draw a new card for a quick burst of exercise.
  • Introduction to Ballroom Dance - As the days get colder, we will be moving around inside more often.  Now is a great time for them to start learning some social dance skills.
  • Vintage Remedies for Teens - Our son has been interested in learning more about herbal remedies, and this teaches that in the context of "growing & changing."
  • Schoolhouse Rock - This DVD collection covers all subjects, and their science / health coverage is fantastic!

Reading & Read-Alouds


It sure seems like a lot, when we write it all down!!!  But we're not using everything every single day, and these are over the course of the year.  So what about you?  What curriculum or extras are you excited about beginning this year??