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Monday, August 24

Penny Lane (Beatles)

A penny won't get you very far these days, but a quarter will during our annual city-wide garage sale!

If you saw my post on Money Saving Mom, then you know I'm a believer in garage sales - GO GREEN!  (Go cheap...go this case, it works out the same.)  Each year, our local town sponsors a city-wide garage sale in honor of my birthday!  Ok, not really, but it does coincide nicely...  Anywhere from 70-100 garage sales take place within two square miles.
Last year, we had a pretty successful event...scoring quite a car-load for only $34.  We spent just a hair more this year, but it was completely worth it!

We always start with a plan....a list of the garage sale sites and a map of town.  

Many of the streets were so congested, that it was easier to just park and walk to ten or twelve sites before driving to another spot.

This year we spent a combined total of $40.70.  What does that look like in garage sale finds?
Sold for quite a bit more than we found them....and it was still a great deal for the buyer!!
Fantastic set of bar stools!  We initially bought these for the house, but decided to get a set with a table from craigslist instead.  Sold for more twice the finding price...and we had a very long waitlist to buy again, a good deal for the buyer!
By now, you know that we can quite a bit!  So when we found boxes of good jars (the lids will be replaced) for a dime apiece (that's a dime for the BOX!), we snagged them in a hurry!  Jars get expensive...
We found some vintage prints with frames for a nickel apiece.  The top ones match the bathroom color perfectly, and the bottom ones are hanging on a seaside apartment wall, sans-frames.
We had a special guest along with us that picked up some vintage stuff and miscellaneous household items for her seaside apartment....again, for pennies on the dollar.
The boys used their own money to purchase a new pocketknife, coca-cola lamp, nunchucks, foreign coins, and some other odds and ends for their enjoyment.  They had a strict budget, and had to figure out how much was remaining after each purchase.  Math class!!!
In addition to helping write fun curriculum (to sell), they have been buying and selling from garage sales to earn this Lego Mindstorms EV3 set.  It's always good to have something to fall back on for a little extra money.  **Here is the curriculum the boys wrote.**

Total score for city-wide garage sale weekend...
  • pocket knife
  • coca-cola lamp
  • foreign coins
  • nun-chucks
  • candle holder
  • new boy's swim trunks
  • new boys' nike pants
  • 3 bar stools
  • k-cup holder
  • running shirt
  • ice cream scoop
  • 1/2 gallon glass jar with lid
  • vintage tea tin
  • vintage christmas book
  • set of new knit washcloths
  • saxon algebra 1/2 set
  • saxon algebra 1 set
  • saxon advanced math set
  • set of carpet squares
  • two boxes of canning jars with lids (approx 40)
  • vintage saltines tin with lid
  • two chocolate chip cookies
  • two blouses
  • set of vintage paintings
  • cute vintage two-piece suit
  • metal rolling pin
  • tupperware sets with lid
Check out last year's garage sale finds!  What's been your best discovery??