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Thursday, August 27

Baby You Can Drive My Car (Beatles)

We had a good run with Bessie, our old Saturn Vue.  She took us through hundreds of thousands of miles and made a great home-on-the-road for eight long years.  But it was time to say good-bye...
So meet Rosie, the newest member of the family!  "Why Rosie?" you might ask.  Well, it's because, much like Rosie from the Jetsons, this car seems to do everything!  And to be honest, I really am NOT a fan right now.  Everything is touch-screen, or touch-of-a-button, and it's all just very confusing to my old-fashioned temperament.  I much prefer manual...but the hubby is sure that it will grow on us.

In the meantime, if you see me on the road, steer clear!  Rosie is quite a bit bigger and sturdier than Bessie, and it's a learning curve.  Especially learning to park!  Send up an extra prayer that it will be mastered soon...and in the meantime, look for us in the back-40 at "the walmart."
Catch you out on the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!