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Wednesday, July 8

Works Hard for the Money (Donna Summer)

We've always tried to teach the value of money, (and to some degree, it has taken) but in our nation of commercialism, it's easy for kids to get caught up in the shopping frenzy.  Now, to be fair, my children do a pretty good job of not having "the gimmes,".......that is until Legos come into play.  For some reason, when they see those itty-bitty bricks, it's like an injection of "the gimmes" on the spot!
When my son came to me, begging for the new Lego Mindstorms EV3 Robotics kit, we decided to turn this pivotal moment into a teaching one!   It's actually a great little toy...perfect for encouraging those STEM skills...but at $350, it's considerably out of our price range!

So we made a deal - he would have to earn every penny of that money, and then he could go and buy it.  He gave it a lot of thought, trying to figure out a way to earn that kind of money.  We live out in the country, so a lemonade stand or car wash was not going to cut it!  Finally, he decided to try and use his love of art and history to earn the kit.  

We've always encouraged his love of art, but without the funds for "proper supplies," he's been forced to become even more creative.  He's created a Parthenon from toilet paper and paper towel rolls, a really neat mosaic from eggshells, and an antique-looking vase from play-do and an old can.  For Christmas, his grandparents gave him scotch tape, old pieces of cardboard, and a box of aluminum foil --- and he was ecstatic!  When it comes to crafts, every day is Earth Day at our house...
He spent several weeks painstakingly typing out instructions for, and taking photos of, historical art projects.  Sure - he had a grand time creating the projects, but it was not-so-fun trying to format everything into a usable format for others!  In the end, mom helped him with some graphics to punch it up, but 95% of the work was his own.  The result of his efforts is Recycled History : Re-purposing Ideas for Hands-On History.  The idea is to reuse, repurpose, and recycle everyday items into these projects.

Through July 16th - you can also enter to win a FREE COPY of Recycled History at our Christmas in July Giveaway!

He may not earn everything quickly.  He may not earn the money at all.  But as a mom, I am very proud of his commitment....this is a new character development, and it's wonderful to see.  I look forward to seeing this character trait play out in arenas beyond the Lego realm one day!
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