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Friday, July 24

Vegas (Sara Bareilles)

Today we detour through the desert for some sin city fun!  Las Vegas, the oasis in the was just a tad on the warm side.

We walked around the entire world as we traversed the strip.  It was a bit like hitting Epcot at Disney World.  Here we are taking a break on the Champs-Elysee by The Paris Hotel at about 2:30 AM.  We're from NY, the "city that never sleeps."  Guess what, V-e-g-a-s is really that city.  There was so much to see and do...I think it was 5 AM by the time we finally called it "a night!"
The next day we walked the strip, feeling right at home on the Brooklyn Bridge by the New York, New York Hotel.  We stayed at the height of Egypt-ness~The Luxor.

It's not a place I would take the kids back to until they were older, and not even one that I'm itching to visit again.  We ran into some undesirable situations...such as pamphlets for store-bought girls being shoved into the hands of our pre-teen boys, that reminded us Vegas is not called "Sin City" without cause...

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