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Tuesday, July 14

Nightswimming (R.E.M.)

Getting Started...the How
  • Start with the freestyle stroke and swim for as long as you can, then rest for as much time as you need. Repeat for a minimum of 20 minutes.   Don’t get discouraged if the guy in the next lane over is cranking out laps two-at-a-time, and you’re winded after 30 seconds.  Rest.  Repeat.  Stamina will come.
  • Good stamina will come with good form.  While swimming, you want your head, hips and feet to form one long line. If your middle sags or your feet ride low, you increase drag, which slows you down and wastes energy. Try pushing your head down a bit if your feet are dragging, or do core work when on land if your midsection is slumping.
  • One common mistake that new swimmers make is to kick too much.  The kick provides little propulsion, but sucks up huge amounts of energy and sends your heart rate skyrocketing because you’re moving big muscle groups like the quads. You want to kick just enough to keep the legs ups. 

Getting Started...the Why

Guidelines for sharing the pool
  1. Know the lingo : “Circle swimming” means that you will swim counterclockwise, always hugging the lane line to your right. “Splitting the lane” means that you and your lane mate will each choose one side of the lane, and you will hug the same lane line going up and down.
  2. Never, ever, ever veer into the middle of the lane for any reason. Pay attention to where you are in the lane at all times.
  3. Never push off the wall right in front of a swimmer who is approaching the wall to make a turn. This is exactly the same as if you were running on a narrow track, and a slower runner stepped in front of you and forced you to stop.
  4. Never push off the wall RIGHT on the feet of the swimmer right ahead of you. Always wait at least five seconds or until the swimmer ahead is past the flags.
  5. If you accidentally make contact while swimming, pick your head up to apologize. Or wait to apologize at the wall, whenever both of you stop.
  6. If you are stopped at the wall to rest, make sure that you stay off to the side so that the end of the lane is clear for other swimmers to make turns. 

***Printable Guide to Beginning Swimming from the University of Michigan***

Take it to the Next Level
With running, the first benchmark is a 5k, and with swimming it is a swimmer's mile.  Swim your first mile!

I found this wonderful program called Zero to 1650: A Mile in Six Weeks.  All you need is a pool!

Example workout :
Most pools are 25 yards long, so this workout would be 14 laps, or 28 lengths.  Each week you add 50 to 200 yards to your workout.  You slowly build up your endurance.

100 yards
12 breaths
4 sets
400 yards
50 yards
8 breaths
4 sets
200 yards
25 yards
4 breaths
4 sets
100 yards
Grand Total
700 yards

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