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Tuesday, June 16

When I Grow Up (Garbage)

Wellness Wednesday : Take Out the Garbage

When you have a cluttered home, it’s hard to destress and decompress.  However, for some, it can be very very stressful to even think about parting with their possessions!

It can be done.  You may have to build up to it, and some are going to experience more anxiety than others.  But a clutter-free home helps to build a calm space that has less dust, dirt, and allergens.

If you have things that you're on the fence about parting with, put them in a box and put that box up for a year.  If you haven't needed, or even thought of, those items during that time, then it's probably safe to toss them.  But they're still there for that year, if you decide that you do need them.

To not get overwhelmed, just do one room at a time.  As you're sorting, consider these three categories :

Mementos can be a hard thing to don't want to part with them, but they're not really something that you use either.  Where do you put trophies, artwork, certificates, and such?  One suggestion is to get a revolving picture frame (replace the artwork every week or two).  Another option is to get a plastic tub for each child, label it with the child's name, and put it in the basement or attic.  You can store mementos in these bins and pull them out for reminiscing.
Take it to the Next Level

1.  Buy less :  The less you consume, the less you pay for, and the less you have to find a place to store / maintain / clean.  In this sense, less is more.
2.  Eco-purge :  Don't just toss items....donate the things in good condition, and re-purpose or recycle the rest!  (Clothing in poor condition makes for great cleaning rags.)
3.  It's a process :  Life happens.  Stuff happens.  Recognize that you may purge now, and need to purge again later.  Letting go is a process.  Just remember that having less possessions doesn't mean you are deprived.  It benefits you and the nature around you.
4.  Watch "The Story of Stuff" below.  It will change the way you look at purchases!
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