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Thursday, May 14

The Race Is On (Sawyer Brown)

The weather has just been gorgeous lately, and we've taken advantage of that to get outside and get moving!  It's also time to clean up a bit outside, so we thought we'd pull double-duty this week.  We pulled together a bunch of odds & ends around the property and created an obstacle course.....Homeschool Ninja Warrior Style!
 When the timer started, they had to climb up the old pool ladder, and back down the other side.  Then, they ran up an old log that we propped up between two trees.
They used a rope swing to get down, and then proceeded to slalom back and forth across another log.  It turned into a balance beam for the second pass as we tested their speed and agility!
After the log, they headed toward the rope bridge, where we made them hang upside down and pull themselves from one tree to another!
As if their arms weren't tired enough, we made them pick up this old truck tire and haul it across the  yard before hopping across a few pieces of leftover firewood!
From there, they had to climb through the naked bush and then climb up some of our old pallets, into and through another tree, and down those pallets. 
 After that, it was time to hurdle the firewood station...then jump across the hot lava, landing only on the safe cinder blocks!
 From there, they had to carefully walk the snake of bricks - falling off would mean starting over!  Then, they raced back to the pool ladder, up and down again, and jumped onto the log! 
 We had five participants, ranging in age from 4 to 11...and it just didn't seem fair to make them compete against each other.  Plus, the adults were enjoying some down time, and thought maybe the boys would sleep well!!  

Sooooooooo.  We had them run it twice, so that they were competing against themselves.  The person with the greatest improvement would be the winner.  Or so you'd think.  But we forgot to write down the times!  Oh...who cares!?  It's all about a fun afternoon with friends and family, right?

Your Experiences?

 Have you ever created an obstacle course like this one?  Share it with us!  We're always in the market for new, frugal ways to keep this passel of boys entertained!!

After the Races

After the race, the boys spent the afternoon doing what boys do best....wandering around through the flooded creeks, climbing on toppled limbs, and just enjoying the great outdoors!
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