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Monday, May 4

Galileo (Indigo Girls)

Today's unit focuses on Astronomy, the science of the Renaissance.  Make sure to check out the other part of our Renaissance unit :  Geography / History

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Science & Literature : Astronomy


Our Past Space-themed Units & Visits

  1. Using these printable sheets, create each of the nine planets and the sun.  If you want larger ones, you can draw your own on separate sheets.  Glue them to popsicle sticks and it's time for an adventure!
  2. Find a long sidewalk or path, and stake your sun.  Then follow the directions below to map out the distance between each of the planets.  
  3. Once you get to Pluto, turn around and discuss the magnitude of our solar system as you walk back.  (Yes, I know Pluto has been de-planeted, but it's still as planet as far as I'm concerned.)
  4. For added credit, try to find the midway point between the sun and Pluto.  (It's Uranus!)
  5. All of the planets except Earth are named for Roman gods.  Have older children ponder why this might be.
Distances :
  • Sun to Mercury - 3 steps
  • Mercury to Venus - 2.5 steps
  • Venus to Earth - 2 steps
  • Earth to Mars - 4 steps
  • Mars to Jupiter - 27.5 steps
  • Jupiter to Saturn - 32.5 steps
  • Saturn to Uranus - 72 steps
  • Uranus to Neptune - 81.5 steps
  • Neptune to Pluto - 71 steps

Movers & Shakers : Music Videos

Leonardo Da Vinci

William Shakespeare

Nicholas Copernicus
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