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Thursday, April 16

Tapestry (Carole King)

As we wrapped up a unit on the Middle Ages, before heading into the Renaissance, we wanted to do something special with the kids.  Going to Medieval Times was our first choice, but the closest one is several hours away and the timing was just not right.  After searching, we found this cute little English pub in Tulsa, called The White Lion, and decided to take the kids there for some authentic British food and a little bit of culture...  At the bottom of this post, you'll find a Medieval Unit study that is purely for fun.
That's my little ham up there, pretending to be a lion!  What a fabulous meal we had!  If you're ever in the Tulsa area, this one is a must visit.  It's low-key and seems to be one of those places known only to the locals and by word of mouth.  We had hot tea, brie & apples, bangers & mash, cottage pie, and fish & chips.  Since this was an educational experience, we just ordered the different dishes and ate family style...with everyone sharing everything.  After dinner, the boys chatted up Queen Elizabeth...
The pub's decor is really fascinating.  While waiting for the food to arrive, we went around to each of the rooms (it's a re-purposed house) and investigated the decor.  There aren't many good pictures, because we didn't want to disturb the other diners.

Middle Ages Fun Unit Study

Tour Skipton Castle!

Medieval Times Knights' Performance
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