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Tuesday, April 28

Nan, You're a Window Shopper (Lily Allen)

Tiny Steps Tuesday : Plan to Shop Smartly

Before shopping:

  • Plan your menu - plan to eat healthy, and you'll have a better shot!  Use a menu planning service such as Build-A-Menu to help with budgeting and planning around dietary needs.
  • Make a list - compile a list of ingredients that you don't already have for the week's needs.  Build-A-Menu will compile all of the ingredients for your entire week into one list.  (eg, if you need one egg for this recipe and four for that, it will spit you out a list that just says 'five eggs.')
  • Shop alone - easier said than done, but it's difficult to stay on track when your kids are asking for 'junk' that isn't on the menu!

At the store:

  • Shop the perimeter - the cold areas are most likely to have your healthy, perishable ingredients.  If it doesn't spoil, it's probably chock full of preservatives and additives.
  • Shop the farmer's market - for the freshest, local ingredients...those that haven't been sitting on a truck for a week or three.
  • Use your knowledge - when shopping the interior of the store, use what you have learned about nutrition labels to make the best choices.

Take it the Next Level

Check out the pantry and cupboards in your home.  Find the unhealthy products and remove them from your home - throw them away or donate to a food pantry.  Don't go overboard, or you'll rebound...make sure to leave one or two items for the occasional treat.

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