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Monday, April 6

I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor)

Survival & Adaptations Field Trip

Now - truth be told - the boys each made a fabulous video about the animal of their choice - citing all the different adaptations and survival techniques that species used.........BUT......the sound quality came out terribly.  All of the background noise at the aquarium - running water and the heating system - ruined the videos.  So, we're just going to include some great resources at the bottom of this post!  

We will be taking this same field trip to the zoo soon, to study African look for better videos then!

We started off close to home, in the Ozark Mountain Stream, and watched the otters and beavers enjoy their natural habitats.  Then, the boys wanted to set off on a more dangerous path, so we headed to the snakes and gators.....can you see him watching us?

At the turtle tank, the boys had a chance to feed the snapping turtles, and quickly discovered WHY you don't put your hand near their heads!  Taking a breather from that moment of surprise, we watched the starfish and seahorse.  We learned about how the daddy seahorse carries the babies around, and that a starfish can grow new legs if one is lost!

They decided it was ok to start touching animals again, so we headed to the touch tanks to check out starfish and anemones.  We also had the chance to touch the stingrays and tiger sharks!

The mommas snuck off to the shark tank, our favorite place, for a moment of quiet solitude!

As we emerged from the shark tank, we found the boys with their heads inside a shark.  Nice.  Walking over to the coral reef, we discussed all the different life forms found within this one ecosystem, and how the ocean is so dependent upon it.

We talked about scales and armor used by different animals to protect themselves.  Then we stumbled upon this fascinating iguana - when we talked to it, it turned it's head and nodded!  Repeatedly.  Every time we would talk to it, it would do that!  

Finally, the boys hit the shrimping boat, to play with the little shrimp.  They love chasing them around, and trying to figure out which ones were the fastest.  In our experience, the biggest ones were the quickest, and the babies were very very slow.  One of the babies actually swam up into their hands!

Animal Adaptations Unit Resources :

On the way to the aquarium for our field trip, we found this Lego car.  The kids were enthralled and wanted to find it's owner.........but we got them to settle for a photo.

As a footnote, I thought this poster was poignant.  The nasty sushi is a great visual reminder that we need to take better care of earth's oceanic ecosystem (and all the others, too), or we will soon be eating food that looks like this!
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