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Tuesday, April 7

Can't Hold Us Down (Christina Aguilera)

Tiny Steps Tuesday :  Squats Challenge

By now, you've started eating healthier and incorporating some cardio into your weekly routine.  Now it's time to start toning and tightening.  You might ask...WHY???
  1. Builds Muscle - Gives you stronger legs, and also stronger core muscles.
  2. Burns More Fat - Gaining muscle revs your body's metabolism, hence more fat-burning.
  3. Makes Life Easier - Squatting is a basic human muscle function, and we've been doing it since our hunter-gatherer days.  Practicing it helps to promote mobility and balance.
  4. Prevent Injury - Most athletic injuries involve a muscle imbalance - squatting helps to strengthen the ligaments and connective tissues, as well as improve range of motion.
  5. Waste Removal - Strength training improves the pumping of bodily fluids, which aids in waste removal from organs and glands.
  6. Boost Performance - Squatting helps you to jump higher and run when you're chasing a two-year old.
  7. Tone Your Backside - .....who doesn't want to be bootylicious?  *wink*

Take it to the Next Level

Think you've already got squats under control?  Take the 30-day squat challenge!  Use today's featured song (see top of post) to help you keep the tempo.

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