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Tuesday, March 31

Wild Horses (Rolling Stones)

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Many people think South Dakota is the home of the badlands but in reality, they can be found in Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, and several other western states. Theodore Roosevelt National Park is the home of beautiful scenery from canyons to grasslands, with the Little Missouri River flowing through it.  The park entrance is right outside of the tiny city of Medora. A rather cute western city that has preserved its history over the years.

This is the Maltese Cross Cabin where Theodore Roosevelt lived when he came out for his hunting trips.  If I remember correctly, the writing desk in the middle and the trunk (not pictured) are the only original items to Theodore Roosevelt in the cabin.
In the park are many small herds of wild horses. And these little guys were all over the place in the Prairie dog towns throughout the park. We waited patiently for this one to stand up...
 We got to see the aftermath of a horse and bison knock down drag out. We saw this young stallion limping and saw the gaping wound on his leg.  After we drove past the horse, the bully bison went running after him again. Yep, I was hanging out of the truck window so I could get this picture.

Lori is a Georgia Peach transplanted to the Southeastern corner of Montana. She shares about faith, family and homemaking at Frog's Lilypad.
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