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Tuesday, March 10

Spirits in the Material World (Police)

Tiny Steps Tuesday : Spirituality

Spirituality has tremendous health benefits.  It increases our hope, sense of belonging, and sense of purpose.  It can strenthen the immune system and reduce our stress level.  No matter where your spirituality is rooted, the basic premise is that (1) there is something larger than us all and (2) it's important to live by a moral code.

Being religious is not synonymous with being spiritual.  Some steps to take on your spiritual journey :
  • Find a soothing place to sit and relax
  • Open yourself to reflection - this might include deep breathing
  • Try to feel the energy of life all around you
  • Realize how small you are in relation to the universe - your problems are insignificant, let them go
  • Realize that you are also huge - you can make an enormous difference in this world
  • Be wary of people who claim to know the one, true spiritual path - it is different for everyone
  • Recognize that all people seek answers - this is what makes us human
  • Be conscious of the everyday decisions that you make - each small decision impacts larger ones
We had two great spiritual moments in the mountains and at the beach during our last long trip...

Take it to the Next Level

Explore the spirituality of others.  Be open to other forms of faith and religion.  For example, ff you are Christian, visit a Jewish temple or Islamic mosque and learn about their faith.

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