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Thursday, March 5

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Just wanted to bring you a few photos from our week......   What does it look like where you are?

This is Oklahoma - we're not used to waking up for this many days in a row to snow!  But it was least until the power went out.  Then it was just cold.

The kids found alternate used for the swimming pool turned skating rink and stick turned snowball-deflector.

We walked over to the cemetery to clean graves, and had a quick history lesson.  They wanted to know why there were so many kids buried there, so we checked out the dates and discovered that many had passed during two periods...probably of illness.

The inevitable snowball fight, followed by a round of baseball practice.  That didn't go so well, since the ball was quickly lost!

We had to trudge the 1/2 mile to the mailbox everyday to get the mail.  That counts as exercise, right?

JUST when we were running out of firewood, everything melted and the world became a sunny, albeit sloshy, place again!

How was YOUR snow-filled week???    (If you are in Florida or SoCal, feel free to weigh in, too!)
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