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Tuesday, March 17

He Can Only Hold Her (Joss Stone)

Tiny Steps Tuesday : Get Sexy Sleeveless Arms!

Arm toning and strengthening exercises are important throughout life, and the benefits go way beyond looking good in a tank top.  Having upper body strength helps us to combat the physical pitfalls of modern culture.  
While it may be the first thing that springs to mind, there's more to arm toning that push-ups.  Being hunched over the computer, in front of the TV, and at the steering wheels of our cars takes a toll.  We need to work the shoulders, biceps, and back and chest muscles, otherwise we're setting ourselves up for decreased range of motion and potential injury.

A good set of adjustable weights is perfect for the space-crunched home gym.  In a pinch, toning bands work well, too!

Take it to the Next Level

Try these circuit training moves to fit a full workout into a short, ten-minute span.  Complete the circuit three times each day!
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