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Thursday, March 5

Far Away Places (Dinah Shore)

On the drive from Georgia to Montana, we were able to visit the Sgt. York State Park in Tennessee.  Most people know the name Sgt. Alvin York or have seen the movie Sergeant York.; if you haven't, you're in for a surprise!

Sgt. Alvin York was the most decorated soldier during World War I. He was born in the hills of Tennessee in the 1880’s, and he was a born-again Christian who truly loved the Lord. When World War I began, and he had to register for the draft, he was very opposed to it.  He spent much time in prayer regarding joining the Army at the “Yellow Doors," the cliffs overlooking the valley.

The starting point for the tour is the General Store that Alvin ran with his family after the war. Here you will be able to watch a short video about the life of Alvin York after the war and see memorabilia pertaining to his life.  The store also carries souvenirs and beautiful handmade goods from the locals.
A lot of people do not know the legacy that Alvin York left. He worked hard for the people in his state. He wanted a better education for the children in his area, so he started the York Institute in 1926. When the school started, York helped fund much of its needs. He did not believe in “cashing in” on his fame so he turned down much money because of this.  The 1941 movie, Sergeant York, had his stamp of approval.

The York home is beautiful! It is like stepping back in time because everything in the house from the carpet, to the curtains, to the wall paper is all original.  Pictures are still hanging in the original places.

There is a small but quite visible DO NOT TOUCH sign on the piano. Yes, I’m a rebel, so I hid the sign the a hymn book! Actually, Mr. York told me if I could play, to play it; I told him I do and I would be honored to play the piano. So, I did! For a piano being 102 years old, it played beautifully! According to Mr. York, I am one of the few who get the privilege of playing his mother’s piano. ~ What an honor!

Here are some photographs from inside the York family house...

This is the church the York family attended and Alvin was saved here during a revival. Sgt. York is buried in the cemetery across the road from the church.

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