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Monday, March 2

Day in the Life (Beatles)

We're branching from Ancient Rome to Ancient Greece in our unit studies, and transition time usually means LOTS of fun activities!!!!!   Here are the fun things we did last week...

Home Ec Meets Architecture :  Chocolate Legos

We used silicone baking molds to make chocolate Legos, using the same recipe that we used for our Valentine's Day candies.  Then, we proceeded to build a Roman bath and the Colisseum.  I'd love to show you photos of those, but sadly, the buildings fell quickly once little hands (and big hands) began pulling chocolate bricks one big, edible Jenga game!

Building the Parthenon

We decided to build our Greek buildings out of something a bit less...edible.  Using play-doh, the eldest created a pretty passable version of the Parthenon!

Lego World :  How the Romans Lived

We used Legos to create some stop-motion videos of how the Romans lived.  The videos can be found over on my son's blog, Cullowhee Creates.

Costume Design : Greek Gladiator

We finished up making our costumes for the our next unit on Ancient Greece.  You can see the costume tutorial here, and the accessory designs can be found over on Cullowhee Creates.

Cakes & Candles

The youngest and I did some breakfast freezer cooking and made up a birthday cake for his playdate / birthday party.

Home Economics : Pest Control

These must be the dumbest opossums in the world.  We tagged one, and waited until morning to dispose of it.  Five minutes later, another walked past the first one, and we got him, too.  About ten minutes later, the third walked past the first two, and we also got him.  Either there were no more family members, or they had a higher IQ....
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