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Monday, February 16

She's On Fire (Train)

We're deep into cold & flu season, and staying healthy has become a feat!  Today, we're going to bring you two recipes - one for short-term health and one to promote long-term health.

Fire Cider

Fire Cider is a remedy for upper respiratory infections with a deep cough and severe nasal congestion. It is extremely spicy, and I don’t think there will be very many kids who will want to take this remedy. Take a tablespoon full every day - it's a very potent remedy, so go slowly with it.  We mix it up by the half-gallon, but as you can see, currently have an entire gallon of this spicy-goodness brewing on the counter!  

  •      1 part minced garlic
  •      1 part chopped whole onion
  •      1 part grated horseradish root
  •      1 part chopped & seeded jalapeno
  •      1 part grated ginger root
  •      ¼- ½ teaspoon Cayenne pepper
  •      Raw apple cider vinegar
Place all of the herbs in a glass jar and cover with apple cider vinegar. Make sure to put plastic between the lid of the jar and the vinegar, or else it will create a slime due to a chemical reaction between the metal and the vinegar. Steep herbs for 4-6 weeks, shaking daily, then strain and keep in a glass jar.

If you don't feel up to making your own, you can always buy a bottle.


When I first read about the panacea of benefits of Kombucha, I was skeptical. How could one beverage do so many things? But then I realized that it’s not like a medicine targeted at curing specific symptoms - it’s more that it promotes health. It gives your body what it needs to heal itself by : 
  • 1) aiding your liver in removing harmful substances, 
  • 2) promoting balance in your digestive system, and 
  • 3) being rich in health-promoting vitamins, enzymes, and acids.  

The general consensus seems to be that with regular, daily consumption, you’ll notice improvement in immune system functioning and energy levels within about a week, the healing of more minor ailments within a month or so, and the healing of more radical illnesses within a year or so.  
Kombucha is the sour-dough bread of drinks....and just as easy to make!  All you need is sugar, a SCOBY, unflavored tea, and a glass fermentation jar.  We saved our GTs kombucha jars (this is a great brand to try, if you're just wanting to ease into the beverage) and use them for re-bottling.
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