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Wednesday, February 18

Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Pat Benetar)

This gladiator costume can be used to play-act history with the Roman Body Armor costume and the Roman Lego Creations.  The book, We Were There with Caesar's Legions, is a great accompanying read-aloud!

Gladiator Costume Tutorial

Supplies :

Directions :
  • Following directions on pattern, cut pieces to fit.  Sew with sewing machine.  Be sure to sew pieces together correctly the first time, as seam-ripping with this material is difficult and leaves large holes!
  • Using velcro, finish belt and helmet straps.  We made two settings for each, so that both boys would be able to use the costume.
  • The pattern called for feathers, but we found these very difficult to use and came up with this idea instead.  It worked well, and was considerably cheaper.  Cut a piece of cardboard to fit within the top helmet pieces.  Glue red yarn pieces across both sides to create the red headdress.  Once glue is dry, carefully stitch piece into leather sides with a large sewing needle.

Metal Helmet with Visor

  • To make a 'metal helmet,' cut cardboard for the headdress and glue pieces of red yarn to both sides.  Allow to dry.  Cover the cardboard with foil.

  • Use copious amounts of tin foil to shape around your head.  If you want a face protector, use strips of tin foil to create front flaps on the helmet.  Tape the headdress piece to the helmet.

  • Using a piece of cardboard, create a visor for the helmet.  Cover with foil.  Use a metal brad on each side to attach the visor to the helmet so that it can be lifted and lowered.

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