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Tuesday, January 27

I'm Pulling Through (Diana Krall)

Tiny Steps Tuesday : Stretch It Out

When you think of fitness training, I doubt that stretching comes to mind.  Aerobics and strength training, which we will touch on another day, are important pieces of physical fitness, but stretching will reduce risk of injury and allow you to safely lead that active lifestyle.

How long have you been sitting down where you are right now?  I'm guessing the answer is "a while."  Take a moment to do the desk stretches shown above.  No matter where you work, taking a minute (a few times each day) to stretch will improve your outlook.
Stretching improves circulation and increases blood flow to the muscles.  You can stretch anywhere, but always remember to hold your stretch.  No bouncing!!  Use a simple stretching DVD or just follow the above exercises for whole-body stretching...

Take it to the Next Level

When you're traveling, take three minutes to stretch at each pit-stop.  It might add some time to the drive, but your kids, your body, AND your spirits will love you for it!!

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