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Wednesday, January 14

Friends in Low Places (Garth Brooks)

A few days ago, I posted this on our group board...

I have a confession to make, and I'm hoping y'all will understand. I love travelling around and living in such close quarters with my family. But sometimes, I just want a few days, or even 24 hours, to myself. No kids. No hubby. No one else around. There's simply too much going on right now, and I'm feeling very drained and burnt out....and not sure how to get the energy back. Please tell me that someone else has been here before. Because I am feeling really awful for disliking everyone right now. And probably a little hormonal, too. I just want to...............leave. And not tell anyone where I'm going for a little while. a day or two.
***Don't call CPS...I'm not actually going to abandon anyone!***
The response was overwhelming.  These people are strangers, but their outpouring of love and support was the booster I needed to get through these hectic times.  Here are just a few of the virtual hugs...
  •  Oh Hun, I'm in those shoes right now. Normally I find something to do for a few hours like a painting class or shopping by myself. I let the hubby take the kiddos. Right now its not doable and I could run off for a few days myself. Try to get yourself a break, even if its a short one.
  • I hear ya! There's definitely those moments. Put your hubby on watch and go get a pedicure and some chocolate!!
  • Everyone needs a break. The best thing to do is to call a friend and just laugh for a little while.
  • We alllllll have these moments, I'm sure! You're not a bad momma, you just need to recharge your batteries. Ask for help if you need it, but take care of you.
  • I go and hide in the woods in the hammock somewhere at the campground! Lol Now if I can just figure out a cup holder for my wine??!! Hey we moms need breaks too! Don't feel bad, we all feel this way at times!
  • We had early bedtime at our house tonight because I couldn't take anymore. LOL I have also been known to pop in Frozen make them popcorn and take a long shower.
  • Join the club I'm a single mom full timing and home schooling I feel like I'm going nuts sometimes.
  • I think every mom feels like that sometimes no matter what their living arrangement is. I know I certainly do!
  • Trust me the tin walls can close in . It's normal I find a good nature walk makes me feel better. Also I go to friends and relatives to get a break nothing like going to grandma's to give you and the kids breathing room.
  • Mine is working nights too and the combination of all the regular stress in addition to trying to stay quiet is sometimes too much! Tonight I sat by the fire with a drink and the kids were in the camper watching a movie. Get outside and breathe. Have a cup of coffee before they wake up, have a drink after they go to bed. Whatever will relax you. I find it's best enjoyed when there's the least chance for being interrupted. If you know they could come out at any moment, it's not really peaceful. Take the time when you can and when they are busy. hugs mama! We've all been there and some of us are there with you right now.
  • We all drink something.  It doesn't have to be alcoholic. Some people relax with a cup of tea.*
  • I personally love my made from scratch frozen strawberry margaritas, but coffee or hot cocoa is just as relaxing to me. I just like the taste of a well made drink occasionally.
  • Get a galvanized bucket from tractor supply, fill with water and place over firepit... haha or just imagine you're sitting in a tub, sit by the fire and read your book during the sunrise.
  • Right there with you. Had a particularly bad week last week, and our internet was out. I tend to use the internet as an outlet for adult socialization, so when my grandmother offered to take the kids for a few hours, you bet I let her!

A little kindness goes a LONG WAY to helping others pull themselves back together.

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